Family Mayrhofer-Gsodam Family Mayrhofer-Gsodam

The Mayrhofer-Gsodam family & the Alpenhof team

Your holidays

Hospitality since the 60s

Since the 60s, we have been committed to cordial hospitality here at our feel-good hotel Alpenhof - Together we can look back on many years of experience which influence our daily work. Also our guests, many of them regulars, have already seen several houses and can nevertheless still find little things to prove them that we strive to welcome you again in the next year.

We look forward to get to know you or welcome you again!

Kindest regards - Elisabeth and Thomas with Sarah, Philipp & Tobias and Marlies

with heart

The Mayrhofer-Gsodam family & their team

What counts is WE!

We, the Mayrhofer-Gsodam family and our cordial “Alpenhofians” have been committed to make our guests feel at home in their holidays. Warm hospitality, a familiar atmosphere and a sense of well-being for young and old are our top values which we live at the Alpenhof - in every respect. Without the love and the passion of being hosts the Alpenhof would not be the feel-good paradise which it is today. Every single day the Mayrhofer-Gsodam family does everything to turn your day into a beautiful one and this is why more and more of our guests become regulars.

Be a part of our Alpenhof history, too, and become an Alpenhofian with heart. We look forward to YOU!

Employee of a hotel Employee of a hotel

Our holiday coaches

Elisabeth and Thomas Gsodam with Elisa and Simone strive to give you the most beautiful time of the year. Together they are the perfect holiday guides for your family or couple holiday in Zauchensee. This will make your holidays a happy time in every respect. We will be happy to give you tips to make your holidays with us as fulfilling as possible.

be a part of it

Having arrived here and now, the Mayrhofer-Gsodam family is in their passion more than ever and keeps the vision to create an extraordinary place in Zauchensee. Every day is filled with joy about the things already reached and the dreams about the future.

Family ownership - perfect basis for families!
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Family Mayrhofer-Gsodam Family Mayrhofer-Gsodam

We want you – as a part of our team

Our employees’ happiness is equally important as our guests’ happiness. Because only happy employees can do the best for our guests’ well-being.
We strive to make our employees as our intern customers feel good and comfortable with us. Therefore, we offer fair payment, a newly built staff house and new staff rooms in the hotel with free underground parking, a good atmosphere in a young, dynamic team and group activities.
The business goals at the Alpenhof are planned, discussed and implemented together.

Like in a large family, it is very important in our hotel business that our employees cooperate and work together. The management, my husband and me as well as my aunt Marlies as a senior manager help us in our hotel and support our employees. Get to know the Alpenhof – get to know us as a team – become a part of it!

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