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100 % Satisfaction
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98 % Satisfaction
277 Ratings

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Traveled in March 2024 as Family

winter fairytale

The best hotel I have ever been to. I especially like attention to details.
Keep up the good work!
We hope to come back soon!

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Traveled in February 2024 as Pair

Great holiday and very good location for skiing

Awesome hotel with very good location nearby the ski slopes. Breakfast and especially dinner was of exquisite quality, with special Thanks to the patissier who made some heavenly creations of desserts.

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Traveled in February 2024 as Family

Family Skelin

Excellent hotel. One of the best and cleaniest i ever visited. Strongly recomended for all. It was pleasure to stay.For sure, we will come back.

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Traveled in January 2024 as Family

Výborné naprosto všechno . Nemám co bych vytkla.

Nemám co bych vytkla , jedním slovem, skvělé .Jezdíme pravidelně a vždy jsme moc spokojeni. Syn tentokrát dva dny proležel a tak se chystáme ještě jednou. I dva dny zde jsou pohlazení na duší. Skvělé

5.65 of 6

Traveled in January 2024 as Family

Great stay!

Thank you for fantastic week in a very special place. You have a really nice hotel and we will be recommending it to friends. Please treat all the comments above as ideas to make everything even better!
Thank you!

5.80 of 6

Traveled in January 2024 as Family

Great job

We came back to Zauchensee for over 20 years (last time we were here, when we were in high school), but for sure we will come back soon :)

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Traveled in August 2023 as Family

The best time

We will be back, we were very sad to leave, next time we will book for 2 weeks. Thank you and until another time, best wishes!

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Traveled in February 2023 as Family

Total relaxation

This was the best skiing holiday we have ever been on. The welcome, service, food and facilities were wonderful and it felt much longer than 7 days. We can’t wait to return.

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Traveled in March 2023 as Family

Wonderful Holiday

A wonderful holiday in a super hotel where nothing is too much trouble. I feel relaxed and refreshed and well fed. Thanks for hosting us again.

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Traveled in February 2023 as Family

We had a great time (as always)

We will be back next year, as we love to stay in your hotel. djdfjdjfjjfhcjh;fhvohcnslcalhalvhlsjcnlschLDCH'wlvhdlkchjLCH (sorry, added to get to 100 characters)


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