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Traveled in March 2023 as Family

Wonderful Holiday

A wonderful holiday in a super hotel where nothing is too much trouble. I feel relaxed and refreshed and well fed. Thanks for hosting us again.

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Traveled in February 2023 as Family

We had a great time (as always)

We will be back next year, as we love to stay in your hotel. djdfjdjfjjfhcjh;fhvohcnslcalhalvhlsjcnlschLDCH'wlvhdlkchjLCH (sorry, added to get to 100 characters)

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Traveled in February 2023 as Family

The Livijn Family

We had a fantastic week. We will be back! You have a wonderful hotel with great staff. Hope you have a great season. We will be back!

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Traveled in February 2023 as Family

Creating memories

A fantastic week where our family created another wonderful memory to which the Alpenhof staff has certainly contributed.

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Traveled in February 2023 as Pair

Mr. Ľubomír Trúchly´s evaluation.

It was pleasure to stay at Alpenhof in spite of some critical moments I mentioned before.
I hope that whe we come back next year, we will find improved points I wrote above.
Last idea I want to share with you, I recognized that even someguests were frowning! I can remember a situation when all guests were dancing in lobby... But this is not your fault, The World is changing...

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Traveled in February 2023 as Family

Fabulous stay as always

Very good stay in very beautiful hotel, we are alwys satisfied with hotel services, we are looking to come back next year,

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Traveled in February 2023 as Pair

Alpenhof Zauchensee Fantastic relaxations

Relax Relax Relax, this is what we want and this is what we get :)
We have enjoyed our friends company, the Ski the Sauna, the food is very good, excellent, all fine.
We will be seeing you again, Christmas I hope :)

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Traveled in February 2023 as Single

Many thanks

Many thanks - look forward to seeing you again, next winter when hopefully it will be a little cooler and the snow a bit finer.

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Traveled in January 2023 as Family

Excellent accommodation! Everything was perfect!

This was our fifth year in Alpenhof. We have again a great vacation in your hotel. It was wonderful - you and your stuff are so kind. The rooms are perfect, the food was very good, there was a lot of snow and we spent very pleasant moments with you. This year we came with our friends - a family with 4 children - Fam. Slavov. They liked your hotel and the next year we and they will come again. We wish you all the best. Best regards!

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Traveled in January 2023 as Pair

100 plus..

the best love it..super welcoming and great hospitality we will be back with lots of family and friends, if you recive a booking from a RIZZO MY BROTHER IS VERY KEEN IN BOOKING,


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